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Joint replacement surgeries have become widespread. More than 6,000 such operations are performed per year in Israel.

Most of those who need them – These are elderly, but there are also young patients suffering from diseases that destroy joints.


Hip replacement

When the anatomical structure of the hip joint is damaged, it wears out, leading to pain and limited movement.

If conservative treatment using drugs, canes, physical therapy, etc. is ineffective, joint replacement surgery is performed.

During the operation, the worn parts of the joint are replaced with artificial implants made of metal and/or hard plastic or ceramic on the pelvic side and the head of the femur, the femoral head is replaced with a head made of metal or ceramic. The implant is fixed into the bone using Press Fit pressure or special Bone Cement adhesive.

The best implant that suits him is selected for the patient. Its type is determined based on the patient's health status: age, functional level and bone condition.

Usually the patient begins to walk the day after surgery and returns home or to rehabilitation to continue recovery after about a week. Recovery lasts about 4-6 weeks, after which the patient returns to a normal, full life.

Knee replacement

Knee replacement surgery is performed using the innovative Velys robot from Johnson & Johnson.

Ikhilov – The first public hospital in Israel to perform operations using this robot.

The robot performs individual adjustment of implants with an accuracy of half a millimeter or more. This result could not be achieved with the mechanical equipment that was used until now. Velys helps adjust the size and position of the implants, resulting in joint improvements in terms of range, stability and function.

Joint reconstruction is an operation that requires maximum precision in all planes of motion of the knee.


When a joint wears out, an operation is performed to replace all its worn components. During the operation, performed under general/regional anesthesia, the removed femur is replaced with a piece of metal, the tibia is replaced with a combination metal and hard plastic implant, and the patella is replaced and secured to the bone using a special adhesive called Bone Cement. The exact size of the implants is determined based on x-rays taken before surgery and precise measurements taken during surgery.

One day after the operation, the patient begins to walk and use the knee, and after about a week he is sent home or to rehabilitation for further recovery, which lasts about four to six weeks before returning to a normal full life.

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