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How to get to us

How to get to us

We will help you come to Israel for treatment

The CTAmed company provides a full range of services that will help you successfully come to Israel for diagnostics and treatment, get consultations with the best specialized specialists, and undergo the necessary diagnostics and treatment as soon as possible!

So that we can draw up a preliminary individual examination and treatment program for you as quickly as possible and answer all your questions, as well as help in organizing your arrival in Israel, fill out the contact form, contact us by phone or email at address


Then the process proceeds as follows:

  • We receive the request you sent, and as soon as possible our curator will contact you to clarify the details and (if necessary) ask you to send us the latest results of your analyzes and conclusions on the tests completed.
  • When we receive complete information about your problem, doctor Vasily Frid analyzes it, studies the submitted tests and conclusions.
  • Then we contact you and provide qualified consultation and recommendations regarding your future treatment in Israel, and also, based on the doctor’s recommendations, we draw up for you a preliminary program of diagnostics and treatment options we offer.
  • After a mutual agreement, we, at your request, will organize paperwork for you (send invitations, letters to expedite the receipt of a passport or visa) to travel to Israel for treatment, book a hotel or apartment and help with the purchase of tickets.
  • Also, if you inform us in advance about the places you would like to visit while in Israel, we can plan your free time from procedures and pre-organize your leisure time.

We are confident that we will meet your expectations, and the quality of our services will fully meet your requirements!

CTAmed Company

Will help you come to Israel for treatment

Get a consultation +972 52 336-65-69

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