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Treatment at the Dead Sea

The CTAmed company offers you relaxation and treatment at the Dead Sea – the most amazing truly healing resort on the planet!

The unique natural and climatic characteristics of this area turns it into a real oasis, and the healing properties of the Dead Sea contribute to the successful treatment of a number of diseases from dermatitis to lumbago. And the healing mud of the Dead Sea has a beneficial effect not only on your body, but, as psychologists say, on your consciousness: it revives memories of the golden months spent in the mother’s womb!

Treatment at the Dead Sea Clinic – This is a combination of using the achievements of modern traditional and alternative medicine, herbal medicine with the natural healing power of the Dead Sea water, which includes almost the entire periodic table.

Services provided at the Dead Sea Clinic:

  • Consultations with medical specialists, prescription of treatment and monitoring its progress.
  • Peeling – light massage using Dead Sea salts and aromatic oils. During the procedure, the skin “exfoliates” the upper layer of the skin, which helps restore skin functions and more effectively influence skin pathology.
  • Massage – During an in-person consultation, depending on the type of pathology, the type of massage recommended for you will be determined: general classical, massage of large paired joints, diaphragmatic, relaxation, cosmetic...
  • Mud masks/wraps/applications – pelloid therapy procedures (using purified medical mud of the Dead Sea), carried out using special techniques with the addition of medicinal ointments depending on your problem.
  • Thalassotherapy – applications using deep sea algae.
  • Procedure for the head – a combined procedure, including a special head massage with mineral/aromatic oils, rubbing (as indicated) of special natural creams/ointments, medicines and ultratonic treatment of problem areas.
  • Physiotherapy – The type of therapy will be prescribed to you by your doctor after a face-to-face consultation.
  • ESWT – treatment of musculoskeletal problems using extracorporeal shock wave therapy.
  • Magnetic therapy – a procedure that improves coronary blood supply, reduces myocardial oxygen demand, increases the body's resistance to physical stress, reduces blood viscosity, and has a pronounced sedative effect.
  • Laser therapy – strengthening vascular blood flow, has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerating effect on the body.
  • Ultrasound therapy – has an anti-inflammatory effect. Prevents the formation of adhesions and scars. It is used for inflammatory and age-related diseases of the joints, improves digestion in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces pain, accelerates the healing of ulcers.
  • Four-chamber (hydrogalvanic) bath – for people suffering from diseases of the immune system, skin and musculoskeletal system diseases.
  • Cosmetic skin cleansing – a procedure for cleansing the pores of the skin of the face/shoulder girdle, back from sebaceous pigment and pathological secretions.
  • Procedure "Anti-stress" – based on the thalassotherapy method, using preparations based on algae and other sea products. They act directly at the cellular level and help relieve stress.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Su-Jok therapy.
  • Anti-cellulite treatments and weight correction.
  • Thermal mud therapy – effective for diseases with a depleted immune system and for severe pain syndromes. The clinic has developed a special additive to the Dead Sea mud that prevents skin tightening and retains moisture.
  • Galvanic mud – mud applications to the affected area.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • Capsule "Relax" with Vichy shower – calming and relaxing effect. Will help you cope with the manifestations of withdrawal symptoms of any addiction.
  • Hydrogen sulfide baths – are prescribed according to indications, carried out according to the method determined by the spa doctor.
  • Inhalations – carried out using natural aromatic oils or medications (after prescription by a doctor).
  • Capsule "Dermalife SPA-JET" for SPA – a system of combined effects of various showers, steam, heat, vibrating massage, chromotherapy and aromatherapy.
  • Final consultations with clinic specialists with further recommendations in Russian.

By choosing treatment at the Dead Sea Clinic with CTAmed, you are guaranteed to find peace of mind and get rid of many ailments!

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