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Herzliya Medical Center

Herzliya Medical Center – a multidisciplinary private hospital in Israel, which brings together the best of the world's achievements in the field of medicine. More than 18,000 complex operations per year are performed at a high level by the best specialists, who number about 500 people. All medical personnel, from nurses to surgeons – certified specialists, which indicates their qualifications. Resuscitation rooms, operating rooms and outpatient departments equipped with the latest equipment allow us to achieve excellent treatment results, giving the patient a high chance of further recovery.

The laboratories are provided with the latest drugs and equipment, which allows for a range of analyzes to be carried out in a high-quality and timely manner.

Herzliya Medical Center is guaranteed to provide high-quality diagnostic services and further treatment in all areas of medicine:

  • Oncosurgery;
  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery;
  • Oncology and hematology;
  • Neurology and neurosurgery;
  • Thoracic surgery;
  • Endoscopic surgery;
  • Vascular surgery;
  • Urology and oncourology;
  • Microsurgery of the hand;
  • Orthopedics and joint replacement using computer navigation;
  • Gynecology and gynecological oncology;
  • Plastic surgery.

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