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Assuta – this is an association of medical centers that perform the most advanced operations, as well as diagnostics in such areas as cardiology, oncology, gynecology, urology, etc.

The largest and leading private medical center in Israel, home to the best Israeli doctors. The center constantly introduces new advances in the field of medicine designed to ensure a high level and efficiency of medical services.

Institutes and hospitals "Assuta" represent an example of impeccable professionalism, comfort and technical excellence, providing medical care that meets the highest international standards.

Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv, since its foundation in 1934, it has become considered the most modern in the Middle East. Every year in Assuta hospitals approximately 85,000 operations, 650,000 outpatient examinations and treatment procedures, 234,000 diagnostic examinations (such as MRI and CT), 5,000 cardiac catheterization procedures and 5,000 in vitro fertilization procedures are performed

Today the structure of the Assuta Clinic in Israel is as follows – 16 modernly equipped operating rooms, 9 different departments. Assuta employees make every effort to ensure that patients feel comfortable and comfortable.

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