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Doctor Yulia Grinberg

Yulia Grinberg


Oncologist with 16 years of experience. Dr. Julia Grinberg is rightfully considered one of the most experienced and competent Israeli oncologists. Her main specialization is chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer.

Doctor Yulia Grinberg treats malignant tumors:

  • breast
  • uterus
  • ovaries
  • lungs
  • gastrointestinal tract


Yulia Grinberg received her medical education at Tashkent State University. After moving to Israel, she completed internships in oncology at leading Israeli clinics. Now she works in the oncology department of the Assuta clinic.

Медицинская деятельность

According to Dr. Greenberg, Israel is rapidly introducing all the latest cancer drugs and modern methods of diagnosing and treating cancer. A special place among these methods is occupied by various genetic studies and targeted therapy of tumors. Yulia Grinberg, like other Israeli oncologists, applies an individual approach to each patient. This applies mainly to targeted therapy, which is selected depending on the characteristics of the tumor and the course of the disease. Treatment methods of Dr. Yulia Grinberg — Targeted therapy differs from other types of anticancer drugs in that it does not act on the entire body, but on a specific tumor, and at the molecular level. Modern targeted drugs include monoclonal antibodies. The molecules of these substances are similar to those that arise in the body in response to infections. Some targeted drugs: prevent the process of uncontrolled division of malignant tumor cells, prevent the formation of blood vessels that supply blood to the tumor. Dr. Julia Grinberg uses all these drugs in her medical practice. — Cryogenic effect on a malignant tumor. This is the name of a treatment procedure in which tumor cells are destroyed using low temperatures. The procedure is performed using a special needle, with which liquid nitrogen or argon is supplied to the tumor tissue.

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