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Dr. Alexander Belenky is considered by many to be one of the founders of the field of invasive radiology in Israel and occupies a leading position among world experts in this field. Throughout his career, Dr. Belenky has trained many generations of interventional radiology specialists throughout the world. And today he is one of the main teachers and mentors in this area of ​​world medicine.

Dr. Belenky not only has extensive knowledge and vast experience in invasive radiology and vascular surgery, he has patented a number of innovative treatment methods and medical devices that have long been included in everyday medical practice in Europe and the USA.

Creating the Angiocenter, Dr. Belenky embodied his vision of a comprehensive approach to each patient. The essence of the vision is that the right solution to a medical problem is identified through an interdisciplinary search, a consultation of leading specialists with the goal of jointly finding a unique and comprehensive treatment for each patient.

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