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Effective treatment of diabetes in Israel

Effective treatment of diabetes in Israel

Published Sept. 23, 2015, 12:19 p.m. | admin

Diabetes mellitus in adults is a serious chronic disease that can lead to irreversible health consequences. With diabetes mellitus, tissue sensitivity to insulin decreases, blood vessels are often affected, which can lead to amputation of the lower extremities, and excess weight appears.

Often diabetes and obesity – diseases associated with each other. According to statistics, 90% of patients with diabetes suffer from obesity, which worsens their health condition.

Diabetes mellitus entails many complications:

  • Vascular damage or diabetic angiopathy,
  • Kidney damage or diabetic nephropathy,
  • Retinal damage or diabetic retinopathy,
  • Damage to the peripheral and central nervous systems or diabetic polyneuropathy and diabetic encephalopathy, respectively.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus involves the use of various treatment methods, including medications. One of the most effective methods is bariatric surgery, especially in cases where diabetes is accompanied by obesity.

Back in 1995 in the USA, Dr. Poris, who performed these operations on a number of patients, observing the results of this method of treatment. As statistics have shown, the operation served to reduce weight and led to an improvement in metabolic processes in the body, thereby guaranteeing the chances of a complete recovery from diabetes. These results have been repeatedly proven by doctors from around the world, and therefore bariatric surgery has become an indispensable method of treatment for obesity, which is complicated by diabetes.

Unfortunately, bariatric surgery is not indicated for all patients suffering from obesity complicated by diabetes mellitus. Therefore, when prescribing this method of treatment, a number of diagnostic measures are carried out to determine the possibility of surgery.

Indications for surgery are

  1. high patient body index above 35, which is determined by the formula – body weight (kg) / height (m2),
  2. the presence of diseases complicating obesity, for example, diabetes mellitus or coronary heart disease,
  3. hormonal disorders, etc.

To all this are added the results of various studies of the patient, presented for consideration by a special commission.

There are several types of these procedures allowed for diabetes:

  • Gastric bypass, when the stomach is divided into two parts, excluding the lower part from the digestion process, which makes it possible to reduce the functional volume of the stomach. The small intestine is also anastomotic to the upper part of the stomach, which in total allows you to reduce excess weight up to 80%, as well as cure diabetes, given that the release of ghrelin, that is, the hunger hormone, is significantly reduced.
  • Sleeve gastroplasty, when an operation is performed to reduce the stomach, but while preserving the gastrointestinal and esophagogastric sphincters. As the results show, this method is quite effective, allowing you to cure diabetes or significantly improve the patient’s health.
  • Biliopancreatic bypass with or without bypass of the duodenum, when the section of the small intestine where digestive enzymes found in pancreatic juice and bile are absorbed is provided. This operation is performed in cases where the patient has severe obesity accompanied by diabetes.

In some cases, in the fight against obesity complicated by diabetes mellitus, repeated bariatric surgery is performed. It is indicated when the first operation was unsuccessful or, over time, the patient has gained excess weight again.

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