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New effective methods of Israeli medicine in the fight against breast cancer

New effective methods of Israeli medicine in the fight against breast cancer

Published Aug. 23, 2015, 12:07 p.m. | admin

Despite the fact that breast cancer is a fairly common disease in the modern world, Israeli medicine offers a lot of different ways to diagnose and treat this disease. It is simply impossible to list them all, but it is worth highlighting several methods in which breast cancer treatment is especially effective.

Diagnostic methods

  • Biomarkers are used to determine the type of cancer in Israel. This method makes it possible to correctly prescribe treatment that will give a positive result. With the help of biomarkers, it is possible to diagnose breast cancer in the early stages, while monitoring this disease.
  • Infrared diagnostics using the RUTH device is no less effective in the fight against breast cancer, which gives more accurate results compared to the diagnostic capabilities of mammography. The advantage of this treatment method is that it is non-contact and safe for the female body, because this diagnosis is based on infrared radiation, which is safe.

Treatment methods

  • Spot treatment of benign and malignant breast tumors in Israel is carried out using the cryoablation method. Treatment in this case involves cold irradiation using a special device IceSense 3. The targeted effect on cancer cells eliminates the possibility of damage to healthy cells of the body, which is an important point in the treatment of breast cancer. With this method of treatment, procedures are performed whose duration does not exceed 10 minutes. And most importantly, there are no unsightly scars left on the body.
  • The electromagnetic radiation method, which allows you to accurately determine the boundaries of the tumor, helps to avoid all kinds of cancer relapses after surgery to remove a malignant tumor. This contributes to the success of the operation and minimizes the possibility of tumor growth due to poorly performed surgery.
  • A new revolutionary Israeli method helps to increase the effect of radiation or chemotherapy – the use of a protein that is encoded by the HIV virus.

In addition to the above methods, Israeli scientists have found a way to determine the origin of a cancer stem cell. And this is an excellent chance to correctly prescribe treatment for each specific patient, taking into account the characteristics of his body, which in total can significantly reduce the risk of side effects on the body with different methods of treating breast cancer. In addition, Israeli scientists managed to discover the p53 gene, which is capable of blocking the mechanism of spread of cancer cells.

At the moment, two cancer vaccines are being tested, strengthening the body’s immune system in order to increase the efficiency of the “work” of the body. leukocytes to find and destroy cancer cells. In the future, it is planned to adapt vaccines to different types of cancer.

Israeli medicine for the treatment of breast cancer can work wonders. And our company CTAmed will try to make this miracle happen to you! We will help you choose the right doctor, choose the best clinic and will accompany you at all stages of diagnosis and treatment.

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