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Israelis have found a way to destroy nephroblastoma

Israelis have found a way to destroy nephroblastoma

Published July 27, 2015, 1:20 a.m. | admin

Nephroblastoma, also known as Williams tumor – The most common type of kidney cancer in children. As a rule, nephroblastoma is treated with surgery or chemotherapy, but the latter does not guarantee a complete cure.

Waiting for a miracle – innovative treatment of nephroblastoma

Israeli researchers from Tel Hashomer Medical Center have made a discovery that in the future could significantly affect the treatment of Williams' tumor. They discovered that there are malignant stem cells in the human body that lead to the progression and growth of the above-mentioned type of kidney cancer. Then the researchers began studying the properties of these cells and, based on the results of the research, were able to draw the following conclusions:

Studying the mentioned stem cells allows us to get a picture of the progression of the tumor.

By purposefully influencing these stem cells, it is possible to destroy the tumor – This is especially true for a type of kidney cancer such as Williams tumor.

Various drugs designed to combat this type of kidney cancer have been tested in the laboratory on malignant stem cells. The drug, the main component of which was antibodies, showed impressive results in its effect on nephroblastoma: it was possible to destroy the tumor by more than 90%!

However, Israeli researchers still have a long way to go before developing a cure for Williams' tumor intended for mass use. Most likely, a new method of treating this type of kidney cancer will be created no earlier than in 5-10 years.

We hope that the new medicine will save humanity from such a serious illness as nephroblastoma!

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