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“Musical” neurosurgery in Israel

“Musical” neurosurgery in Israel

Published Nov. 23, 2015, 12:33 p.m. | admin

Neurosurgery in Israel is acquiring a new unique “look”. Israeli clinics are practicing more and more new methods of treating various diseases. They already performed brain surgery there once with musical accompaniment – playing the violin. And a similar operation was carried out quite recently in the Israeli clinic "Ichilov" with a pianist and piano teacher at the respectable age of 71.

And this story is really impressive!

Shoshana Levy suffered from Parkinson's disease for four years, as a result of which she began to lose sensitivity in her fingers, which prevented her from doing her favorite pastime – play the piano. Feeling the difficulty of playing her musical instrument, not wanting to live without music, she was forced to go to the neurosurgery clinic, where, during a conversation with the head of the department, Professor Isaac Fried, she admitted that without music her life had no meaning.

The problem was solved with the help of a special stimulator, which irritates exactly that part of the brain that is responsible for the sensitivity of the fingers. The operation to implant a stimulator into the brain was unique, given that it was performed under local anesthesia. And throughout the entire operation, Shoshana Levy was fully conscious.

The quality of the operation and the accuracy of the stimulator placement were determined by the patient’s playing the instrument during the process of implanting the stimulator. The stimulator was installed just one millimeter from the point that is responsible for the mobility and function of the fingers.

The recovery period after such a difficult and very unusual operation was minimal. Just three days after the operation, Shoshana Levi was discharged from the clinic. The full functioning of the stimulator will appear only after two weeks. But now the patient feels much better, the mobility of her fingers is returning, which makes it possible to easily touch the keys on the piano.

The outcome of the successful operation pleases Shoshana. After so many years of illness, after the noticeable discomfort of playing the piano, she returns to her former life, when her fingers can again move freely and “listen.” And confirmation of all this is the patient’s positive attitude, her cheerfulness and great plans for the future, given that she not only loves to play her musical instrument, she is the grandmother of twelve grandchildren.

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