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PET-CT is an advanced method for cancer research

PET-CT is an advanced method for cancer research

Published Oct. 23, 2015, 12:26 p.m. | admin

In the fight against cancer, modern medicine offers many different diagnostic methods. One of the most effective methods is nuclear medicine, which involves the use of isotopes. Among a number of methods, it is worth highlighting PET-CT or, in other words, positron emission tomography and computed tomography. This method allows you to detect cancer in the initial stages, when there are no significant changes in tissues in the body.

PET-CT – effective diagnosis of tumors in the body.

The PET-CT method is used to detect various tumors of the head, neck, stomach, lung, lymphoma, prostate, intestines, breast, etc. PET-CT allows you to achieve accurate research results, which makes it possible to prescribe the correct treatment for each patient.

PET-CT is an accurate diagnostic tool for identifying various tumors in the early stages. Using this method you can:

  1. distinguish a tumor from various inflammatory processes in the body,
  2. identify a malignant or benign tumor,
  3. determine the extent of the tumor in the body
  4. find out the exact location of the tumor, establish the correct diagnosis, etc.

All of this together allows us to prescribe the correct and most effective treatment for a particular type of cancer. With the help of PET-CT, it is possible to significantly save on diagnostic procedures and studies to detect cancer. One procedure is enough to accurately determine the location of the tumor, its quality, size, etc. The interpretation of the results obtained is carried out by specialists in the field of nuclear medicine and radiology.

PET-CT has a number of advantages compared to other methods of diagnosing and treating cancer:

  • After determining the exact diagnosis and treatment using PET-CT, you can determine the effectiveness of the chosen method of treating cancer tumors. To do this, it is enough to repeat the procedure, evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and, if necessary, change the treatment method.
  • Given that not all tumor formations can be malignant, when using the PET-CT method, precise radiotherapy is carried out, which affects only infected cells and organs. In this case, it is possible to reduce the radiation exposure and its negative impact on the patient’s health.

The effectiveness of cancer treatment is largely determined by timely detection of the tumor, correctly prescribed treatment and diagnosis.

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